Most Frequently Asked Questions
Question: What are the Declarations and Bylaws?
Answer: Declarations and Bylaws are the governing documents when you own in to a condominium or homeowner association. They are two separate documents that are recorded with the county. They define the restrictions and operating procedures of the association. These are important documents that an owner MUST retain and pass on to any future owner. Do not lose them. If you need copies you can contact Renner Management Group.
Question: What do I do if I have a complaint about my neighborís pet, noise or parking?
Answer: The best thing to do is put your complaint in writing. Make sure you identify the address of who is in violation and the time and date of the occurrences. All complaints will be forwarded to your Board of Directors and the appropriate action will be taken. (You can use the Memberís Assistance form on our website or you can email your Property Manager.)
Question: Iím selling my unit, what do I do?
Answer: Renner Management Group has trnasitioned to HomeWise Docs.com, the next generation in document delivery for community associations. They provide reliable round-the-clock online acess to all governing documents and critical project data for lenders, escrow and title companies, real estate agents and homeowners from Renner's managed communities.
Question: I need a handyman?
Answer: If you are in need of minor repairs in your unit, please call our office.
Question: What is an annual meeting of the association?
Answer: An annual meeting is a meeting that each association must have once a year to elect new officers to the Board of Directors.
Question: Can I become a Board Member and what is involved?
Answer: Yes, however you must be an owner of the unit and sometimes depending on your Declarations, you must be an occupant of the unit. This is a volunteer and unpaid position. You and you fellow Board Members decide on all the aspects of the common elements of your association.